Why you should visit Kim’s Boots for all of your shoe repairs

As with any good pair of shoes, your boots can take a beating. When they do, you need to know that there is a safe place to take your boots to that will make necessary repairs and changes to them to make them whole again.

A good shoe repair company will work on fashion boots to western boots as well as work boots. They will have tips and tricks to use on all types of boots that will make the boot last longer and work as well as it did when you first purchased the boot. Your shoe repair company is going to be able to work on the soles of the boots as well as the heel of the boot. With the right shoe repair company, you can also expect that they are able to recondition the boot.

It should not matter the amount of money that you spend on your boots, they can be the finest pair of boots or they can be the cheapest pair of boots there is on the market, as long as they are comfortable for you, that should be all that matters. The boots can be ankle boots or high boots that come up to your knee.

If you are someone who rides horses, then your riding boots may need to be repaired at some point. Your favorite pair or wedges or pumps or even your flats can require some type of work. When it comes to cracked leather, some of the time it can be repaired but other times, your out of luck- however in most cases, we are able to take what started out as looking old and turn it into something that looks brand new once more.

The more experienced boot repair companies are going to be able to stretch your boots to aid in comfort of the boot as well as dyeing and reconditioning of the boot. The use of heel savers and sole protectors helps to make sure that your boots will last for months and years to come.

We are able to help in repairs of buckles, hooks and rivets as well as other hardware that is used in the creating and making of boots. As long as you can trust that we know what we are doing, the return of your boots is going to surprise you with the results that you receive- in a great way of course!

Boots for Beginners

Boots. They come in all sizes, and an amazing array of styles. There is a design for every work or play purpose you can imagine and, when they are made of quality leather from sole to shaft, they will fit you and your lifestyle – well, like a glove. The trick is finding the boot to walk perfectly into your world. Whether you’ll be roping calves or doing the Texas two-step in them, you’ll want a good fit and a comfy feel. In the Columbus, Georgia area, the best way to find that fit is by bringing your feet to Kim’s Boots and Shoes. We know boots.

Do Your Homework
Believe it or not, there’s a lot to know about boots. If you care to invest the time, you can find countless internet sites dedicated to boot styles and materials. If you don’t have the time to get a degree in boot-ology, come to Kim’s. At our Columbus, GA store, we carry the finest boots, and leather accessories created by the best craftsmen in the nation. From the D Toe to the J Toe, all the way to roping heels, we can show you the wide variety of styles and fashion flourishes available in boots today. We know our products and we can outfit you in everything from military boots to alligator belts.

At Kim’s Boots and Shoes, you’ll find our high-quality boots made from leather. Not just the upper parts – the parts that show – but also the soles and heels. Leather isn’t just rugged, it also breathes; unlike some compound vinyl materials used in low quality boots which will have your feet and legs screaming for relief half way through a work-day. There is nothing to compare with the look, feel and smell of genuine leather. Of course, if you’re looking for something more exotic, we carry that too. Ostrich? Boa? Come on in and take a look around.

Unlike a sexy little strapped pump, a boot is meant to last a long time and look good doing it. The secret to long life in what is, historically, part of a cowhand’s tool kit, is good craftsmanship. It takes some extra stitching and careful attention to detail to make a superior boot. That’s why we carry the best brands available today. We take craftsmanship seriously since we are also in the business of boot repair. We put damaged boots back together again, so we understand the anatomy of your footwear intimately.

At Kim’s Boots and Shoes, we’ll be happy to help you find the best fitting, best quality boots you can find anywhere. From Western boots and ropers to military boots we’ve got your feet covered and, if you need boot repair or shoe alteration, we can help you with that as well.

Home Remedies for Scratched Leather

Fixing Scratched Leather

Leather is generally a good investment, whether it’s used for furniture, shoes, jackets, or handbags. Leather shoes can be a bit pricey, but they tend to last a long time provided you take good care of them. Not only are leather shoes more comfortable, leather is softer and more pliable than faux leather synthetics. Leather shoes breathe and wick moisture away, keeping your feet from swelling and smelling. You have likely found that those leather investments for your feet are your favorites, so much so that you wear them all the time. My Favorite Leather Shoes are Scratched The problem is wearing them all the time may mean your leather has signs of wear and tear including scratches. Scratched leather could be from normal every day wear, something that dropped on your shoes, or even your favorite pet. You may be thinking the scratches mean you’ll have to replace your favorite leather shoes, even though that’s not in your budget at the moment. Before you bemoan the loss of your beautiful, comfy, favorite shoes, here are some home remedies you can try. Home Remedies for Scratched Leather

Here are a few proven home remedies you can try to restore scratched leather

  • Distilled White Vinegar: Before applying, clean the leather with a reputable leather cleaner, making sure to follow label directions. Next, moisten a soft, clean cloth with distilled white vinegar and gently dab it onto the scratched leather. The leather will expand to cover the scratches. Once the area is completely dry, apply clear shoe polish, buffing gently to blend it in.
  • Old English Furniture Polish: To try this one, you’ll need to purchase polish in the same hue as your shoes. Apply the polish with cotton to the scratch and blend it gently into the scratched leather with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Olive or Orange Oil: Apply olive or orange oil with a clean, soft cloth, rubbing it gently into the scratched area.
  • Damp Cloth and Iron: Dampen a soft, clean cotton cloth and place it over the scratch. Now apply a hot iron to the cloth for 10 seconds, remove it and examine the scratch, it should be gone.
  • Shoe Polish: Shoe polish obviously will not repair the scratch, but if the scratch is minor, it will hide the scratch and leave your shoes looking as good as new.
  • Leather Repair Pens: These pens come in all colors and don’t repair, but do cover scratches well.
  • Do-It-Yourself Leather Repair Kits: These kits may be just the thing if you are able to color match your leather with one of the kits.

If you find that these home remedies didn’t quite give you the restoration results for your favorite shoes that you were hoping for, then it’s time to call on the Shoe Repair and Restoration Specialists at Kim’s Boots and Shoes in Columbus, GA. Satisfying customers since 1985, Kim’s goal is to provide the best in shoe and boot repair available anywhere. Bring in your scratched leather and let Mr. Kim and his staff restore the luster, without the scratches, to your favorites. Interested in learning more about Kim’s? Check us our on Facebook!

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Those Old Boots?

A pair of quality boots, whether they are western boots or military style boots, can be a significant investment. The good news is that these boots, in the hands of a skilled craftsman, boot repair and restoration can be accomplished year after year. Eventually, though, you may find that your boots have kicked their last clod. How do you know when your boots can no longer be salvaged?

What Parts are Worn Out?

If you’ve simply walked your way through the sole of your boot, and the upper portion is still in good shape, having your boots re-soled may be your best option. This can be done an average of two or three times in the life of the boot – after that the last of the boot (upper leather section,) is probably old enough to deserve retirement. If the uppers are worn out and stretched out of shape, ask your boot repair professional if they warrant repair or need to be put out to pasture. Heels can also be replaced by a trained technician as can other parts of the boot to make wearing the boot comfortable and safe for the wearer.

Custom Boots

If you’ve invested in custom made boots, not only was the original price of your boots a little steep, you’ve probably spent years working together. You have bonded. You fit together. For boots like these, repair is almost always the best option since the cost will be less over all and the you-ness of the boot will remain in tact. Here at Kim’s Boots and Shoes in Columbus, GA, we welcome the opportunity to re-unite you and your old familiar fit and feel.


When you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in your boots and you’ve come to feel totally at home in them, cost may matter far less than most folks would imagine. If your boots can be restored and refurbished, trust them only be done by trained cobblers like the folks at Kim’s Boots and Shoes.  If your boots cannot be salvaged, you can trust Kim’s technicians to advise you accordingly.

Good fit and feel are important. Once you’ve found that perfect match, you will be reluctant to toss your old boots in the dumpster. Before you give up on them, allow the footwear pros at Kim’s Boots and Shoes to assess your boots. They may still have lots of life in them.