Boot Repair Services

Kim's Boot Repair Services

Selling of Boots: military boots, western boots, work boots, and accessories.

No matter if you’re looking for Western Classics or modern Ropers, Combat or Parade boots, steel-toed or just something comfortable to walk around in, we’re sure we have what you’re looking for here at Kim’s Boots and Shoes. We have a vast selection of styles and brands, sure to satisfy any discerning shopper. We also have a wide selection of accessories to fit all of your needs, from cosmetic to functional!

Shoe and Boot Repair

At Kim’s Boots and Shoes, we know good footwear always take a beating. After those years and wear and tear, you’ll need to maintain your footwear if you want them staying comfortable and effective. We have the years of experience needed to ensure that we get your two best friends back to peak condition. From the ground up; soles to pull straps, we can have your footwear in top condition once again.

Physician Prescribed Shoe Alterations

Are you suffering from tendinitis? Bursitis? Plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as “Jogger’s Knee”? At Kim’s Boots and Shoes, we can help. If a doctor has prescribed an orthotic or orthopedic alteration to help with your diagnosis, we can provide top-of-the-line alterations and inserts to give you the relief you need, while also aiding in your recovery.

Custom Alligator Belts

When it comes to exotic leather goods, no one can beat Kim’s Boots and Shoes. We know the tricks to working with the unique properties of the material, in order to produce the finest alligator leather belts Columbus has to offer.   Also, we can handle your custom orders, so that your full satisfaction is guaranteed.

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