How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Those Old Boots?

A pair of quality boots, whether they are western boots or military style boots, can be a significant investment. The good news is that these boots, in the hands of a skilled craftsman, boot repair and restoration can be accomplished year after year. Eventually, though, you may find that your boots have kicked their last clod. How do you know when your boots can no longer be salvaged?

What Parts are Worn Out?

If you’ve simply walked your way through the sole of your boot, and the upper portion is still in good shape, having your boots re-soled may be your best option. This can be done an average of two or three times in the life of the boot – after that the last of the boot (upper leather section,) is probably old enough to deserve retirement. If the uppers are worn out and stretched out of shape, ask your boot repair professional if they warrant repair or need to be put out to pasture. Heels can also be replaced by a trained technician as can other parts of the boot to make wearing the boot comfortable and safe for the wearer.

Custom Boots

If you’ve invested in custom made boots, not only was the original price of your boots a little steep, you’ve probably spent years working together. You have bonded. You fit together. For boots like these, repair is almost always the best option since the cost will be less over all and the you-ness of the boot will remain in tact. Here at Kim’s Boots and Shoes in Columbus, GA, we welcome the opportunity to re-unite you and your old familiar fit and feel.


When you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in your boots and you’ve come to feel totally at home in them, cost may matter far less than most folks would imagine. If your boots can be restored and refurbished, trust them only be done by trained cobblers like the folks at Kim’s Boots and Shoes.  If your boots cannot be salvaged, you can trust Kim’s technicians to advise you accordingly.

Good fit and feel are important. Once you’ve found that perfect match, you will be reluctant to toss your old boots in the dumpster. Before you give up on them, allow the footwear pros at Kim’s Boots and Shoes to assess your boots. They may still have lots of life in them.

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